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It’s a….

I fell off tumblr into a spiral of sadness. And chocolate. And 45 minute sessions on the elliptical, where I muscled through boredom by watching many of the long-neglected documentaries on my netflix queue. (Highly recommend watching Pink Ribbons, Inc. before you buy any pink ribbon merch for national breast cancer awareness month.)

After 7 physical therapy sessions, 3 visits with the sports doc, one x-ray, 2.5 hours of waiting in an MRI facility, and a fun 35 minutes in the closed MRI machine (it’s like being in a really tiny club, with terrible beats, all by yourself!), the official diagnosis is a…

labral tear!

For the uninitiated: “Labral tears are rare ruptures anywhere in the fibrocartilage around the rim of pelvis socket (acetabulum).” (source: Cedars-Sinai)

Oh joy. The internet tells me that my options are arthroscopic surgery or lifelong flare ups. Visiting with the doc tomorrow to see what she says.

I’m sad, but also happy to have a diagnosis. The internet also tells me that many people have labral tears for years before they figure out what the problem is. Which might just mean that I have an exceedingly low tolerance for running through pain? Or maybe I’m just really attuned to my body. Let’s go with that.

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Stress Fracture Watch 2013: Day 1

Whomp. Whomp.

My right let hurt like hell after my tempo run on Friday (same issues as two weeks ago, which had gone away after 3 days rest). I haven’t run since then, and I had an appointment with a PT today.

She was great. The news was not.

It could either be muscle issues, or a femoral neck (hip bone) stress fracture. She thinks it’s too early (relative to when the injury occurred) for a stress fracture to show up on an x-ray, so she’s going to try loosening up the muscles over the next week and see what happens. If it improves, it’s probably not a stress fracture. If it doesn’t…well… I don’t know what to say. 

Regardless: my October 5 Half Marathon is a DNS.

Typing that made me tear up.

I know it’s for the best. I have too many symptoms of a stress fracture for it to be safe to run. The potential for major damage is too great. And, based on how bad my leg felt Friday and Saturday, I expected her to say it.

It doesn’t make it any easier.

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Tuesday, September 17

Easy run:

5.5 miles (untimed)

Only 49 degrees when I set out this morning! Almost forgot what it’s like to start cold. One of the (many) things I love about running is being in tune with the weather and the seasons. When I’m on the road early (or late), I feel like I notice subtle shifts in temperature and humidity that I’d miss otherwise.

Legs felt pretty good today, although my left leg recovered from Sunday’s run more quickly than my right. I’ve always had a slight strength imbalance there, and I think it might be getting worse. Might have to figure out my health insurance situation and head to the PT. 

Days to race: 19

Days to other race: 62 

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Sunday, September 15

Long Run:

18.43 miles in 2:34:45 (8:24 pace).

Set out still unsure about my leg. Thought I would aim for the 18 on my “training plan”, but stop if it felt at all bad.

Turned out to be the best run of my life. Seriously, I think I can count on one hand the times that I’ve been more proud of myself.

I felt physically strong for most of the run, and I’ve definitely trained smarter and fueled better this year than at any other point in my life. Until this year, I had always been a 9:30 - 10:00 runner, so I’m still shocked that I can maintain a sub-8:30 pace - especially over this distance.

Mostly, though, I’m proud of my mental strength. I definitely had negative thoughts creep in. I thought about nixing the last lap and cutting the run to 15 miles a couple of times. In the past, I probably would have given in to this self doubt, but not yesterday. I was so happy and filled with adrenaline that I basically “sprinted” the last mile (downhill!) with a blissful grin on my face, probably terrifying everyone I ran past.

Splits below. I typically use a basic watch and split at the mile markers  in the park (3.35 loops), hence the unconventional distances.

Days to race: 21

Days to other race: 64

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Saturday, September 14

Test run:

Around 4 miles (untimed).

Before we get to Saturday, let’s recap Tuesday:

  • Felt great on my recovery run.
  • Took the leap and registered for the Brooklyn Marathon.
  • Went to a work event, where I had to lift boxes of wine, liquor and soda.
  • Somehow messed up my right leg (glute, hamstring, knee, hip) in the process, to the point where I needed four ibuprofen to fall asleep Tuesday night - and I really try to avoid painkillers.

Seriously, what?! Only I would injure myself with a non-running activity on the day I register for my first marathon.

Took three days off, felt better on Saturday.

On Tuesday night, as I lay on the couch waiting for the Advil to kick in and stress eating cookies, I was fairly convinced this was a DNS-producing injury - it felt that bad. Very glad that turned out not to be the case!

Days to race: 22

Days to other race: 65

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